KA2F and the Great DXCC Quest

/KA2F and the Great DXCC Quest
KA2F and the Great DXCC Quest 2017-01-22T23:15:16+00:00

KA2F’s new OLD station, Heathkit HW-16  (restored) and HG-10b VFO set up for 80, 40 and 15 meter bands, just as it was back in Novice days. The HW-16 and companion VFO are remarkably stable, after just a minute or two of warm up when compared to
my Tentec Jupiter. The gear dates back to 1969. Using this station KA2F hopes to achieve WAC, WAS, and DXCC on CW, of course. The HW-16 is not a transceiver but rather a Receiver and Transmitter in a single box. It offers 500Hz filtering and 50 watts output, with full break in.