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Greetings GSARA Members!

At the last club meeting several of you asked for copies of my schematics for the Universal (so far) CHIRP programmer hardware. A link to a PDF on my website with those schematics is shown below.  The link is private at this point but you are welcome to share it with others.  I don’t yet have the “surround” text ready for the website, so the PDF isn’t yet linked to the main part of the website.

Some other good CHIRP links are the CHIRP page itself:

And the Miklor website has lots of good info about how to work with CHIRP:

And also good info on how to make a cable specific to a particular radio:

If anyone would like a copy of my CHIRP data file for my dual band mobile please email me ( and I’ll be happy to provide it to you by email. Unless you have the exact same radio I’m using (Yaesu FT-7900) would need to cut and paste data from my CHIRP file into a CHIRP file you created from a download of the radio you do have.  What I have in my CHIRP file are 2M and  440 simplex, 2M RACES simplex, about 5 local repeaters, Middletown and Red Bank FA/FD/PD, Marine, WX, local rail NJT, MURS, FRS, GMRS, and what I call the poor man’s antenna analyzer frequencies (144.005, 145, 146, 147, 147.995).   Most of the channels are marked “skip” for scanning purposes except GSARA repeater, races and FA/FD.  Of course you can change any or all of the data, but the data file may give you a bit of a jump start to get local frequencies into your radio.


Paul, ad7i