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The Garden State Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (GSARA) is a ham radio club dedicated to advance the art, science and enjoyment of amateur radio. We have a very diverse group with varied interests. Some of us are interested in operating, some like different modes of communicating and some like building, repairing and restoring radio gear or that special something for the ham shack. We meet twice a month to share a program, meet old and new friends, share our latest ham radio conquests or achievements or simply ask a question.

We welcome new members to our club and encourage their participation in club activities. Supporting the club entitles you to use the radio shack on Saturdays (it is usually open), operate the remote station in the clubhouse, have a vote on the direction of the club and participate in all club events and make face-to-face connections with other hams. You are also welcome to all the meetings (online on Zoom for the moment) and having input into the programs and events that club holds. It is the best $20 ($25 for family membership) you will ever spend! Everyone is always welcome to any meeting.


Since the club has experienced a good number of new members since our last run of badges, we have decided to start another campaign for badge requests. Shown is a sample of what they look like; very professional and the badge is a fine way to introduce ourselves and demonstrate club unity when we finally start group meetings again. The sign-up sheet will be posted on the web and please take care to add your details exactly as you would like these to appear on the badge. The price is $10 per badge and it can be paid by PayPal or by check to our Treasurer. There will be a period of approximately one month as we allow time for sign-ups before we submit the orders. Use the link: Link to Badges

2021 Dues

The 2021 annual dues are due by the first of the year and can be paid by PayPal or check. The fee schedule remains the same for 2021 and is $20 for an individual membership and $25 for a family membership.

If paying by PayPal, please use the club web site and select the type of membership from the drop-down menu and then select the on-line renewal with PayPal (grey button) and fill out the form. This is a three-step process so next step is to select Buy Now and complete the PayPal process.


The October 2020 Propagator is now available for download or reading online. You can retrieve it from the button below. You can read it online or, if you wish, download it as a .PDF file.


Flip Book PropagatorJuly 2020

Flip Book PropagatorJuly 2020


GSARA has branded shirts, light winter jackets and baseball caps that you can personalize with your name and callsign. The jackets are S-XL and are $60, 2-XL $62 and 3-XL $63. Caps are in blue or stone and are $21 and golf shirts in blue or stone are $25. Email Art Goldberg to order one today at – and don’t forget to tell him how good a model he is!


There are several nets that you are most welcome to join:

Tuesday night net at 8:30 PM – GSARA repeater. Informal and fun and you don’t have to be a member of GSARA

Wednesday night Coffee Klatch – check your email for the Zoom Room address and times – usually 7:30 with room opening at 7:15. Everyone welcome!

Thursday night Fusion Net – 8:00 – GSARA repeater – Turn AMS off and use digital voice narrow. We love hearing people from across the globe through Wires-X. Join us! (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE THURSDAY NIGHT FUSION NET IS SUSPENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 3 AS IT CONFLICTS WITH THE GSARA ARDUINO SEMINAR)

There are other informal nets on 10 meters and, coming soon, a 6 meter net. Download Discord and sign up for the GSARA room. There is ongoing conversation about everything GSARA and ham radio and you can ask any question you like.

Swap ‘n Shop

We are offering this free page for club members and other hams to swap, borrow, buy and sell equipment. Feel free to use it at will. If you go to this link, you can find things that other club members are selling or looking to buy.

Swap and Shop Page

Do We Have Your Picture?

Do we have your picture for the club website on the Club Members page? We have so many new members that it is hard to know who is who. If you wish, send your pic in any format to Cy, K2CYS at It will get posted quickly and we can know what the face is behind the voice.

Remote Hams

The club has a wonderful feature available for members only.  The club’s IC7300 is connected online to RemoteHams which gives anyone with an internet connection and a computer the opportunity to work HF with the club’s antennas, no matter where you are in the world.  Use the button below to read how to configure your station for use with the RemoteHams system.


Using Fusion

You are welcome to use our W2GSA fusion repeater as you wish.  However, please look over the protocols and guidelines by pressing the button below for guidance:

WIRES-X Protocol: Please Review

YouTube Channel

GSARA has its own YouTube channel. Over the coming months we hope to feature this part of the club so that you can revisit presentations and events. Simply go to and search for gsara. That will take you directly to the channel.

Connect with Discord

GSARA connects with Discord. Join any number of rooms or discussions with other members of the club and connect on any number of subjects: DX, Satellites, Homebrew, AM, and many others. A great way to keep in touch.

Contact Phil, N2EDX for your invitation to the GSARA Discord service

Join or Renew Your Membership

Paying online has become very popular at the GSARA. It is convenient, fast and easy. You can join the club as well as renew with our online applicationFamily forms. It pretty much doesn’t get much easier than that! Just choose the correct dropdown. We are the GSARA welcome you warmly and we know you will be delighted with the most active ham radio club on the Jersey Shore.

Please Choose

Online Renewal with paypal



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Do I have to be licensed to be a part of GSARA?

No.  All you need is to be interested in amateur radio and you will be invited and encouraged to take part in all club activities.  Of course, to operate in the shack, you will need a license if you are operating without a properly-licensed amateur in the shack with you.

What are the advantages of joining GSARA?

You will be a part of a very active club that is friendly and welcoming.  We have many events throughout the year including HamFests, Ham of the Year celebrations, an open shack for you to operate from, stimulating general meetings which always have an interesting program, professional business meetings, testing sessions for hams wanting to upgrade or get a new license, Field Day, equipment loaning program, Elmering program, and much more.

I am not too technical – will I understand what’s going on?

Yes!  The members of the club have a wide variety of ham radio and technical expertise.  Everyone is most enthusiastic to help you with your next project or explain something to you.  We have many technical experts, to be sure.  But we also have people who operate in the full spectrum on ham radio: digital modes, radio astronomy, Morse Code, single sideband phone, AM, amateur television, public service events, contesting, building their own equipment and using ham radio with computers.  If you have an interest in something, the chances are pretty good someone can help you get started or be a sounding board for your own ideas.

How much is membership?

Membership is $20 ($25/family membership) a year.  If there is financial hardship, the club will help out any way it can.  The money is used to support the many programs at the club including costs associated for Field Day, equipment acquisition, food, Ham of the Year expenses, website maintenance, etc.

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