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GSARA welcomes you. Get your ham radio license this month: next VE session, June 23. Everyone welcome to our meetings! Join the club for all the benefits!

Welcome to the GSARA Website

Welcome to the Garden State Amateur Radio Association website.

The Garden State Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (GSARA) is a ham radio club dedicated to advance the art, science and enjoyment of amateur radio. We have a very diverse group with varied interests. Some of us are interested in operating, some like CW (Morse Code), some like SSB (voice), others like to build things or use digital modes including Fusion and Wires-X or communication via amateur satellites and some just like the technical aspects of the hobby. We meet twice a month to share a program, meet old and new friends, share our latest ham radio conquests or achievements or simply ask a question.

We welcome new members to our club and encourage their participation in club activities. It is through this participation that the club keeps in touch with the innovations affecting our hobby and how these changes can be adapted to improve the experience for our members. Supporting the club entitles you to use the radio shack on Saturdays (it is usually open), have a vote on the direction of the club and participate in all club events. Membership helps the club maintain the radios, which include the repeater, purchase new equipment and maintain our radio room with up-to-date equipment.

Please join us and play a role in the ongoing communications revolution. It is the best $15 you will ever spend! Please feel free to attend any meeting and meet the men and women of the GSARA!

To sign up for Field Day, go to the Members only Page and sign up from there.

What is Ham Radio?

From the Webmaster

If you have tried to view the past Propagators, you have probably run into a problem; the issue is that, with the old page configuration, all of the .PDFs were loaded on one page.  This caused a huge problem since it would take so long to load them all and, of course, the RAM in most computers simply could not hold all the data.

This problem has been fixed.

When you go to the Propagator Library link on the club website (which is on the home page right under the main banner at the top) and hover your mouse over it, you will see a list of all the past Propagators listed by year.  The documents cannot be downloaded; sorry.

Get your license this month!

The next VE session will be on June 23 at 11 AM.  The testing takes place at 11 am at the Red Cross building on Shafto and West Park in Tinton Falls.  Testing is $15 and please bring your photo ID and, if you have it, your CSCE (if you already passed an exam).

Social Media

The September Hamfest is Coming! Click here to find info

Ham radio is for young people, too!

Are you a young person interested in the amazing hobby of ham radio?  This link should be your first stop to get an idea of the exciting world you can be a part of!

How do you choose your first rig?

How do you know how to buy your first radio?  There are so many choices and so many questions.  Here is a good place to start.

Sharpen your skills – compete!

Now that you have your station up and running, how about getting involved in a contest?  There are so many contests and any one will improve your skills no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned contester.  Use this link to get started, grab your coffee, and get on the air!

2018 Membership Brochure

Where we are

GSARA is housed at the Red Cross Building on the corner of Shafto and West Park in Tinton Falls, NJ.  Use this link for a mapquest map.

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