The Garden State Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (GSARA) is a ham radio club dedicated to advance the art, science and enjoyment of amateur radio. We have a very diverse group with varied interests. Some of us are interested in operating, some like different modes of communicating and some like building. We meet twice a month to share a program, meet old and new friends, share our latest ham radio conquests or achievements or simply ask a question.

We welcome new members to our club and encourage their participation in club activities. Supporting the club entitles you to use the radio shack on Saturdays (it is usually open), have a vote on the direction of the club and participate in all club events and make face-to-face connections with other hams. It is the best $20 you will ever spend! Everyone is always welcome to any meeting.

Field Day 2019 a HUGE success

Though a full report to the club on Field Day 2019 will come in the next month or so, we can say with full confidence that this was a spectacular Field Day, amateur radio's premier event in North America.  Denis Commete headed the Field Day 2019 committee and, with the team leaders included many of our club members who took upon themselves every conceivable Field Day task from safety and security to sign ups to power to publicity and everything in between. GSARA ran 3A and we had a full GOTA station at Joe Palaia Park in Ocean Township, staffed a friendly information booth, welcomed many visitors, enjoyed a weekend of ham radio, had wonderful meals together and all left the Field Day site exhausted but very, very happy.

There was outstanding participation by club members with many who could not operate making sure to pop in, share some time with the other members of the club, and have a pressure-free ham radio visit. It was truly a wonderful ham radio weekend.

It is too early to know our score but we will share it with you as soon as it becomes available.

For some terrific pictures of our Field Day efforts, check this link

Get your license this month!

The GSARA monthly test session will be held at the Red Cross Regional Headquarters in Tinton Falls on Saturday, July 27 at 11 am.  The fee is $15 and you should bring the original and a copy of any amateur license presently held and the original and one copy of any credit (CSCE) forms that you have (copies will be sent in with your test results).  Also bring 2 forms of ID with one being a photo ID.  For more information, contact Rich Bilon, N3RB at 732-567-4396 or

July Propagator

The Shack is Open!

Dyou know that as a member of GSARA you can come in on Saturdays and use the shack, find that missing resistor you need, and generally share some ham radio time with some friends?  Every week, an email is sent to the club members with a time that the shack will be open.  Take advantage of it.  Shack open times are 10-1.

June 29 – Roberto M
July 6 - closed for 4th July weekend
July - 13 Art G
July - 20 John King
July -27 Roberto
August -3
August - 10 Art O
August - 17 closed Light House weekend
August - 24 Roberto
August - 31 Denis