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The shack at GSARA is open on most Saturdays.  You are most welcome to use it as a member of the GSARA.  We have three operating positions, amplifiers, Yagi and wires and are set up for HF and VHF/UHF operation.  Even if you don’t want to operate, you are welcome to come in a have a cup of coffee and shmooze.  The shack is in the Red Cross Building on W. Park and Shafto.

Every month the GSARA sponsors a testing session to enable you to earn your license.  We will gladly test for Technician, General and Extra and we have a very experienced and qualified group of VE examiners, most of whom are Extra Class.

Watch the club home page for times and dates of the next VE session.

For details on acquiring your ham license, go to this link to get yourself started.

There are going to be some new features introduced to our club website that will enhance the experience for our visitors and club members.  Initially, Cy, K2CYS is making pages of your latest project, your latest purchase, your latest invention pertinent to ham radio.  Please write up a paragraph or two and submit it with a picture to  It will appear under the ‘Great Shacks and Projects’ tab on the website at